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Why is agriculture still important?

2013-07-31 10:16:11 admin

Agriculture is important because people need food.  Getting enough food is the first priority for every one. Every nation needs proper farming for social and political stability.  Farming also provides an income for a number of people; farmers get money to cater for their family needs.

With competitive farmers, a country will be able to raise the standard of living for its citizens. This means that the farmers must be well trained on how to use modern methods of farming. The agricultural sector has seen numerous prominent technology and scientific developments. They enabled farmers to enjoy farming.

Most agriculture is usually bulk production; this has seen farmers use various types of machinery.  The farm is ploughed using machinery and same goes for harvesting. Farmers from developed countries have food processing machines to give their products long life. This increases their income because there is no risk of products rotting as they wait to be sold.

Agriculture remains important and everyday changes keep cropping up in this industry. Modern farming is easier and fruitful.  People do it for home use and others for commercial purpose. Whoever the reason, it still remains important to ensure that there is enough food for everyone.


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